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Steering wheel Airbag Resistor

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05 WRX

I have an aftermarket steering wheel and I was looking to clear the airbag light with the resistor trick.

I believe the the red/yellow and black/yellow are the airbag ones but theres also a black wire and red wire that I have no clue what they're for

The other wires that plug into yellow plug are the horn and the cruise control.

Is it ok to just unplug the yellow plug and put the resistor in or just cut the red/yellow and black/yellow and crimp the resistors on there and then plug it back with the red and black wires not attached to anything?
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Im going to level with you. I would put the airbag back. I've been in accidents where they were a life saver.

I understand the comfort, look, performance aspect. But all of that is for nothing if your dead.

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I doubled over the leads on the resistor and stuffed them straight into the factory plug.. worked perfectly. I agree with XJ though. The airbag is something you should retain on a car that's driven on public roads. If the car has a certified roll cage welded in, certified bucket seat, you trailer it to the track, and you never drive it without a helmet and HANS device then deleting the airbag is actually a good move.
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