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The seal on the top of my steering rack was leaking so I decided to buy a kit from Autozone and just get it done myself. Everything actually went very smoothly. I've installed the Whiteline Roll a center kit and some Kart Boy endlinks also while I was under there which I doubt should have the effect that I'm getting from my vehicle.

To the problem though, it's not a huge deal but when I'm driving at freeway speeds the front end just feels "loose" not like I'm going to lose control but I find myself constantly correcting the steering. When I had the alignment done after installing everything the mechanic said my camber was off by .5° and that I should get some after market camber bolts. I doubt this should be the problem though.

And now my main concern: when I rebuilt the rack the whole control rod came out with the section that the pinion meets the actual rack. I figured it couldn't be too much of a deal so I slid it back in where I figured it was originally at, put everything back together and moved the rack back and forth a few times before installing it and everything seemed to be perfectly fine. Did I completely ruin this steering rack by possibly putting the control rod in incorrectly?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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