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Steering Angle Sensor VS Clock Spring....Help please

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Hey guys,
Have a 2014 WRX Premium. Recently it has undergone some major surgery. Most notably for this issue, a new steering rack (due to leakage about everywhere it could leak) and replaced the steering wheel.
So everything seemed fine when I received the vehicle back from the shop that did the rack. Drove it for about 250 miles or so. I had a new steering wheel I had ordered that I decided to change as well. All went fine however, it appeared that we may have not put the new wheel on straight (seemed a couple degrees off), drove it for a 100 or so miles with it just appearing slightly tilted. We pulled it yet again to move it, in hopes of correcting the issue thinking we just missed the correct teeth when we changed it the first time. This made matters worse, not just tilted the other direction but this is also where something evil seems to have happened. The Traction Control Light as well as the Hill Assist lights both came on (no ABS light, just the two lights). We pulled the wheel back off to reset it to the original position we had put it in but this did not correct the lights, they remained on.
We ran it up to the shop that did the rack and had them check the code (my Cobb V3 doesn't seem to see any codes in regards to these lights) and he claimed it was a Steering Angle Sensor code but I am not convinced he was 100% positive.
We decided to pull it again to check all connections and ensure the clock spring was correctly centered. Well, we realized the clock spring had somehow been spun during one of the pulls of the wheel and was off one turn. We correctly center the clock spring however the two lights have remained on. So these made me question even more if it is in fact the angle sensor or if we screwed up the clock spring.
So before ordering a steering angle sensor OR a clock spring I would like to be able to definitively know which it is or if it is correctable without throwing more parts at it.
So finally to my question...
Is there a way to definitively know what this issue may be?

Thanks in advance for any help guys. I have already spent a fortune on this WRX and I am just hating seeing lights glaring at me.

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Sounds like your car is out of alignment. My bmw would kick a similar code if the steering wheel wasn't centered.

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Yeah I would get it aligned and have the steering wheel positioned by a shop. Then clear the codes if possible and see how it goes before buying a new sensor.
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