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I got an OBX catback a while ago. When I went to put the new exhaust on I found it was about 5 in. off. I went back to the place where I bought it and they told me that they would get on top of it and see what's going on. The next day they told me the OBX catback is only compatible with the OBX combo downpipe and midpipe. ( I also had E-Mailed OBX and was told the same thing from a guy from the company who manufactures the pipes for OBX). The guys at the store told me that they were sorry and to make up for their supplyer not telling them all the info they would sell me the Downpipe/midpipe at a much discounted rate. I said ok and got the other pipe.

Went to Subaru and got part #44022AA180 (turbo to downpipe gasket). When I got home I said, what the hell I'll put the gasket on the pipe to check for fitment. Well I wasn't surprised when I saw the gasket doesn't fit the pipe. The holes for the bolts match up but the gasket sticks out past the flandge on the downpipe.

I have E-Mailed OBX a bunch of times now and have still not got a responce. Bottom line- If you buy OBX and you run into a problem your pretty much screwed.

I have two options now. 1. return the pipes at a 40% re stocking fee.
2. Bring the whole system to a exhaust fab. shop and pay for some custom work for a system that should just bolt up.

I'm never buying another OBX part for as long as I live! I advise everyone to stay away from that rat scab company!
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