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Having the "it wont crank issue". I know this has been asked to death, but I have found ZERO definitive answers.
Where is the fuel pump relay? I gather that, yes it is under the dash, drivers side, in a bank to the right of the fuse panel. Closest I have found is a youtube video that shows a vertical bank like I have, he says the starter relay is in the 4th position from the bottom. His car has a brown single relay separately off to the right. With mine, that brown relay is on top of the vertical bank.
I tested the socket that is 4th up, the one the video says is the starter relay. Its behaviour is this: with ignition on, the coil is energized, in the start position, the coil is de-energized. That does not sound like how a starter relay would work.
However, that brown relay--the one that on the video is off by itself, and that the youtube guy brushes off.....
on mine that brown relay is on top of the black ones, and it DOES behave like a starter relay....the coil is only energized with the key in the start position. The inverse operationally to the relay that the video calls the starter relay.
Hell, half the answers online say the fuel pump relay is on the passenger side.

So, yeah I guess it should be obvious, I have found the starter relay on mine, but I would love to see a little map of those relay banks and what they are. It is amazing that in the 20 years this model has existed that no one has managed to come up with that.

Thanks in advance for any input!

here is a picture of ours, the arrow shows what I believe to be the starter relay. Does anyone have a little map of what all of these relays are in this vertical bank?
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