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Starlink buttons on left side do not work (Home, Maps, Apps)

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I have a 2017 WRX that was totaled and the driver side bags blew. While repairing, my father, an Auto body shop owner, had to take the dash apart. Now everything is working well for the most part, but the buttons on the left side on the Starlink touchscreen, Home, Maps and Apps are not working. The buttons on the right side work no problem, Info and scan radio left and right. All other buttons including volume and radio tuning work also and the touch screen is responsive. Wondering if there is possibly a wiring harness he might have missed when reconnecting everything. Or could it be some type of reset required after it lost network connection for a couple months.

It would also be helpful if someone could give a simple explanation on how to remove the Starlink system to reach the back of it...I believe it is a just a few plastic tabs plus the 2 screws, but if there is a trick to easily getting behind that thing it would be great.

Any ideas would be a huge help. Thanks!
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You could always take it into the dealership. They're not going to know the dash was taken apart... and that may not even be the issue. Head units are often faulty for little to no reason once they get into a car and start vibrating and heating up/cooling down with normal use.
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