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Stage 2+ 2006 WRX

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Before I get flamed for asking this question, I did conduct an extensive search to try to answer it before coming here, but the only answers I could find were either people who were running the COBB Stage 2 OTS maps, or people with the newest generation of WRX. My question is: approximately how much WHP and WTQ can I expect to make now that my car has been protuned to Stage 2+?

Tomei UEL headers with uppipe
Invidia catless downpipe
Perrin catback exhaust
Tomei turbo inlet
Perrin short-ram air intake
Perrin AOS
COBB lightweight crank pulley
Koyorad aluminum racing radiator

Stage 2+ on 91 octane
Peak boost: 17.2 PSI

Tuned by Eric at Torqued Performance

Again, I know I will need to eventually throw my car on a dyno to know for sure, I'm just trying to get an approximation.


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Virtual Dyno

Closest estimate you can get. Results will only be as good as the data you put in. Make sure vehicle info, weather conditions, tire size, weight, etc. are all correct. Make sure the pull used was done on a flat road.
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