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Hi everyone. My warranty is about to end so time for power mods! Here are my options...

Grimmspeed intake, GS ecbs, tgv delete, egr delete, boomba bpv, and a cobb AP - Etune or Protune: Estimated $1700
Cobb Big SF + Cobb Resonated Downpipe - cobb OTS: $1745

I think that the first option would set me up for the future much better. Plus, an etune or protune is likely going to be safer and more reliable than an ots. I figure that if I go with a GS intake, I might as well do all of the other intake mods while I'm getting the etune (there's no OTS for a GS intake).
The second option is more convenient, meaning I can do it in stages, start with the stage 1 intake, then add the dp later after I've saved up.

What are your thoughts?
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