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hahaha. My first spotted thread.

Spotted on Hwy119 by Longmont, a WRB Wagon acting appropriately aggressively heading towards Longmont in rearview. Quite a clean looking setup. Very sparkly - made me want to wash mine. First time another fellow WRX took some time to talk to me on the road - besides Rancid, Crazycam or some of the other jokers from the silver wagon club on this board who I already know. Very Cool. Said he's on this board as WRXWagon or something - but I can't remember. Old age probably.

hoot! hoot! Definitely a fine looking wagon, very sharp without the bling. I'm seriously thinking about washing mine and cleaning off my tailpipes. You made my poor ol wagon look washed up.

Also, to keep this thread mtn states, keep your eyes peeled for a wonderful night of Bowling in Longtucky courtesy of your friend and mine, ColoradoRexer. He's not buying mind you, just hosting in Longmont. We will hopefully have the bowling meet scheduled for after X-Mas. I know you all miss bowling. We all can't afford to go snowboarding everyday.

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