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You want something totally new and trick for your ride? The peeps will freak when they scope out these new spinning grilles from Scosche! Spinner grilles take the practicality of subwoofer protection and combine it with the smooth style of chrome dubs. Tiny motors built into the back of these grilles constantly spin the chrome blades in front at 35-40 RPM to add serious bling-bling to your subwoofers. Mount the hidden trim ring around the edge of your woofers, and then snap-fit the tough ABS plastic grille on top for some real eye candy. Simply hook up the wiring to any switched 12V power source (not recommended for remote turn-on leads). Deep 1" grille design accommodates most subwoofers, but may not fit some ultra-high excursion, cast basket subs. Not everyone can roll deuce deuces; but with Scosche spinner grilles, you can have that whack chrome dub look for your trunk! Sold individually.
Scosche spinner grilles will not fit over flat-piston subs, non-round subs, or subs that have very tall surrounds (over 1" high).

Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
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