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I spoke with a couple of members of the SOFR organizing committee last week and picked up a little interesting information.

First, the rally will run on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday format this year; with one (press?) stage Thursday evening and the rest of the stages run on Friday and Saturday (May 16-18).

The really GREAT news is that most of the Friday stages will be in Shawnee State Forest for the first time in almost 40 years!!! Shawnee is in the very southern tip of Ohio (west of Portsmouth) and has some absolutely awesome stage roads. Back in the late '70s/early '80s I was a co-driver and we competed either two or three times in rallies that ran in Shawnee. At the time, I was too new to stage rally to realize how great (and scary) these roads were... switchbacks abound and elevation changes are pretty-much roller-coaster quality. It will be interesting to see where the organizers place the spectator points. Saturday stages will be further north in Buckeye Trail and possibly one other forest.

If everything I heard is true, Thursday registration will be at the beautiful Shawnee Lodge in the heart of the forest. Friday's Park Ferme is scheduled for the historical Boneyfiddle area on the western side of Portsmouth near the floodwall.

I'll be there working the event this year, but it's a very busy weekend for me. I have already committed to working two other events, but they're close-by SOFR, so I should be able to make time for all three.

See you there!
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