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Southern New Jersey Tuning

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I'm a new 2017 WRX Limited owner with only 600 miles on my car. Still going through breakin. I have purchased a Cobb Accessport and I'm running the OTS 93 octane map. In the future I may want to do some bolt on mods. Can anyone recommend a tuner in Southern New Jersey that can do the tuning/bolt ons for Stage 2, etc.? I have been checking out a few websites, Powerhaus Performance being one.
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I'm from DE but recently moved to West Deptford, NJ. I also have a new 2017 base with 2,600. I don't know the reputation of any of the tuners but I do know a guy named Dan who rubs his own custom fabrication/tuning shop down in Elkton, MD. I went there once years ago for help with my other WRX and there were a bunch of WRX's there and he seems to be a pro with the Accessport. If and when I tune I will go to him, even for a custom stage 1 for the AP just because I feel like he is genuine and smart and really knows our cars. Other than that, Satoru Speed and Fabrication is the name of his shop. Also, J Tune in Wilmington, DE (Its more like Newport, rt 141 right over the bridge) they seem good. I don't know how close you are to DE. I trust Dan at Satoru in Elkton. I hate driving there BUT he's very knowledgeable. Let me know if you find a good place in Jersey. Where are you at in Jersey?
Prime Motoring
IAG Performance
Thanks for all the input. I am outside of Elmer NJ, in Salem County. The Delaware Mem. Bridge is only about 25 min from here, so Del is very convenient. When the time comes I'll check into Satoru. Prime Motoring is a little far but IAG is within range. I'll check them out and will consider the e-tune option also. It'll take some time getting my learning curve up. I'll probably stick with Stage 1 tuning options before I get into any bolt-ons.
You're in your breakin period running an OTS map? Not the worst thing I've ever heard, but I wouldn't advise it.

Prime and IAG are close-ish options for you.

TPG and PRL are about 5 hours away, but both spectacular facilities.
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