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Their service has become HORRIBLE!

a) Try calling for an appointment. It take entirely way too long for them to answer! First you call, Acura's operator picks up and you have to ask to be transferred (they're always quick about it) and then you wait, and wait, and wait, and wait... Acura's operator will pick up occasionally to check on you... then you wait, and wait, and wait, and wait...

Many times, I hear someone pick up and hang up on me. Usually takes at least 3 phone calls to get to talk to the Subaru Service Writer.

b) Everytime I have arranged to have my car serviced, they were not cooperative AT ALL! "Oh we don't have any room for you this week" is a common excuse. So, you have to make an appointment for next week and it always is early in the morning or nothing.

c) I get there and wait around for someone to even look at me. Sales guys tend to walk by, maybe say hi, then go on their way. Finally, the manager will have to ask me if I need service and he runs off to find the Service guy. In all, its another 10-20 minutes before I get to talk to service.

d) The service longer than its supposed to and they say its because they are busy washing the car. So I wait thinking it'd be nice to have at least a free car wash for what I've been through... and I wait at least 30 minutes to an hour for a car wash.

e) Get the car back finally and its still wet and smells like they used a dirty rag full of mildew on it! Oh and you have to go over to Acura to pick up your car, so there's more inconvenience there.

f) EVERYTIME I have gotten my car back, something was misplaced or broken. I've had the throttle cable that wasnt put back in its correct position and it was rubbing on coolant hoses. Then they broke my clip for the floormat and it had slipped underneath the pedals causing me to nearly crash cuz I couldnt depress the brake pedal fully. When I went in to fix the clip they broke (but denied), my power side view mirrors no longer work!

At this point I am through having my car serviced there... and this soured me on ever giving the dealership money again. They have a decent parts department but I refuse to support them at all because of my service issues. In fact, unless I can find a competent dealership that can take care of warranty work without breaking things, I will not buy another Subaru ever.

Subaru makes amazing cars, but they are not perfect. When things go wrong, the dealerships are supposed to fix it so that it is problem free. If they cannot do that, then the car is now flawed and there is additional cost to a brand new car you just paid a lot for. It ridiculous... if you were to buy a Mercedes Benz, they have a ton of problems and yes its inconvenient to have to take your car there constantly, HOWEVER they provide you with a loaner car while its being serviced and actually clean the car. Sure, you have to pay more for the car, but if you look at a Mini Cooper priced the same... you still get the same quality service from BMW. The reason the owners of these cars love em is because the dealership takes care of them! Despite all the problems with the car, the dealership fixes it and eventually the car has no problems at all!

Maybe the first time a rude Subaru dealership turned me away from buying the car, I should've taken it as a sign and gotten another car. :rolleyes:
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