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There are a few threads on here about sound deadening and I have looked through them. I have decided this will be my next mod.

Now, I have used the double sided foil insulation before but worry about its thickness. I know it can be applied with a spray adhesive.

I have used Dynamat type products before but they can be gooey, need to be applied with pressure, pricey, don't contour very well, and aren't fans of overhead surfaces or horizontal to vertical transitions.

Does anyone who has done this mod have a material of choice?

On to the roof:

For those of you that have taken out the head liner.

1. I know that its very hard to get out of the car without removing the windshield, but is there enough room to just drop it down and work on the roof?

2. Is there enough clearance between the roof and interior panel to add a thick layer of the double foil insulation?

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