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Thats unfortunate. What are some indicators i can look for in my logs to make sure im running safe with the CAI? Also i noticed most professional etuners dont require a wideband o2 sensor when etuning a car, how can they do it?

Also is it possible to use someone elses maf scale that has a similar intake on the same car?
They've tuned enough vehicles to have a MAF scaling that works, and they typically tune OLF table on the richer side, so even if the scaling is off a bit, it's not going to lean out too much under high RPM/load.

If you can find MAF scaling from someone else, you could use that and be better off than OE scaling (assuming it was scaled properly). However, you need to know/trust the source, as it has a direct impact on your fueling.

There are variances that will come into play. You won't have a perfect scaling using one off the Internet, but you can get pretty close. Personally, I would tell you to spend the $150 or so and buy an AEM UEGO and just do it properly (that's a handful, or less, of nights out with your buddies you have to pass on). You'll have a better running car, and the gauge can help notify you of issues that could cause catastrophic engine failure if not detected.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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