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Solenoid problem

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Hey guys, what's going on. Got a small problem here and wasn't wondering if I can get some input. Recently bought a 2004 wrx that has a turbosmart MBC. Now the car isn't tuned so to be on the safe side I want to go back to the stock solenoid. Small problem, I need the "T" that connects the 3 hoses(compressor nipple, actuator nipple, and the solenoid itself.) The car is also giving me a p0244(Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid A Circuit Range/Performance) so i thought it might be because of the MBC. Anyways what I wanted to know was can I use any T connector that I can find to connect the hoses? Or does it have to be the stock connector? Thanks for the help!!!
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Technically you can buy hose and a T from any autoparts store as long as the diameter is the same as the oem hose. Where your problem will be is the restrictor pills. Each side of the T (one goes to the turbo, the other to the wastegate) has a specific sized restrictor pill. You can buy the complete set for the T clamp and hoses directly from Subaru. That way you know it is the correct size everything.

Here is the link to the parts directly from Subaru:

Within that diagram you would need all of the parts on the left hand side that make the "T". Here are the part numbers:
-H40306 (hose to wastegate)
-22315 (the T)
-0953S*B (hose to turbo)
-22326 (restrictor pill that goes in turbo side hose from T)
-0953S*A (hose from T to the turbo inlet)
-22314 (vacuum hose connector that goes from turbo inlet to hose listed about-0953S*A)

This may seem daunting, but it pretty easy to do. The hardest part is running the line from the turbo inlet under the intake manifold and to the turbo.
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