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Sold my car.. Does the access port have to go with it?

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Sold my car to a dealership.. now they are asking for the access port. When they looked at the car they asked if it had an accessport and i said yes but i did not know it would have to go with the car or even be in the price.. Have a cobb v3 and its brand new. I understand he has to unmarry it but if he did not specify anything about the access port does it have to go with the car?
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YOU have to unmarry it. Now the ECU for is locked and basically useless to him. Also, your AP is useless to you and can't be reused until it's unmarried from that car. So...way to go, chief, you done goofed.
Just go unmarry it and keep your ap unless it was specifically included in the sale
Keep in mind, unmarrying returns the stock map. This means that any power adding, tune requiring mods would now need to also be removed in order for the car to run properly.
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