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The vehicle has been sold.

Hello, and thanks for viewing my post!

For sale is my SWP 2014 WRX STI Hatchback. The current mileage is just over 37,000 miles.

The car is completely stock with the exception of a GrimmSpeed master cylinder brace.

The stock tires were replaced at 28,286 and have been driven on for approximately 1,000 miles.

The car and differentials were serviced at 36,555.

The brake fluid and coolant were flushed at 32,453.

The exterior is about an 8/10.

The interior is a 9/10.

The vehicle’s title is clean but the Carfax shows as branded for a Buyback/ Lemon Law vehicle. The car was repurchased in CA because the retailer misdiagnosed a ring land failure and a replacement engine was installed at 28,000 miles. I have all the repurchase documentation covering all the repairs completed along the way and all receipts during my ownership.

$25,000 OBO

I’m happy to answer any questions and provide further details if needed.

Thank you for viewing my post.





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