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I was in Houston lastnight and spotted a couple of WRX's. The first one was around 4:30pm on I-10 Westbound before the 610 exits by the Galleria. It was a Black '03WRX with clear side markers, driven by an Asian dude. I tried to wave and wait for ya; I was in the WRB '03WRX weaving through traffic.

The second was around 10pm on Westheimer by Boston Market and the adjacent parking lot. It was a WRB '04, but I couldn't tell if it was an STi or a WRX. It had a regular stock spoiler from a WRX, but it had an STi muffler, STi decals on the front doors, no STi front badge on the grill, had an "I' badge on the grill, and Gold BBS rims. It also had an orange decal on the front bumper where the license plate would go. It looked like the eyes from the "NO FEAR" logo.

Anyway, that car looked sweet! Nice work if it was an '04WRX. It looks like an STi. If it was an STi, nice work also! It's a damn sleeper!

I had to pull-up next to it to show it to my GF to convince her that the Gold rims matches with the WRB. :D

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