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SI-Drive... is there a secret 4th mode?

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Ok, so this is a bit odd!
I have a MY17 STi and don't use S# very often. When I do, it's for a short burst of fun then switch it back to S.

The other day I had it in S# and pulled up and turned the car off. When I started it back up it had reverted back to S (as displayed on the dash) but felt different! As I drive about 99% of the time in Sports mode, I could tell there was a difference but it was not as "harsh" as S#. There was also a noticeable change switching from this mode to S#.

It has happened every time I restart the car after turning it off in S# mode. The best way to describe it is it feels half way between S & S#... it feels punchier than S but not as hectic as S#, the throttle feels more linear than S but not as urgent as S#, overall it just feels better!

Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone else replicate this and confirm it?
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You got used to the sharper throttle mapping.

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I don't think it's a "you just got used to it" thing.
From the half-way-between-S-andS# mode I discribed, there is a noticeable difference if I change to either S or S# while driving!
Take it to the dealership if you are concerned.

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That is interesting - the new cars sound like a video game.

Have fun with your Easter Egg if it is such.
Let's put it this way: I've spent plenty of time looking at the OEM STI map for the VA chassis.

As you can see, there are only three throttle mapping modes. These maps are not interpolated. I've noticed switching between I and S that the mind does adapt quite fast to the quicker throttle mapping. Going back to I from S makes the car feel dead below 3k RPM, but after a little while driving I get used to it again. I really do think it's in your mind, but if you are very concerned take it to the dealership.
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That is interesting - the new cars sound like a video game.
Part of the charm of the GD's, IMO. No settings, no heated seats, etc, you get in the car and just drive, while appreciating your Fisher Price interior. (No offense, John...I miss my FP interior)

Sorry, not trying to derail the thread. I think I'm with Zach, and would consider taking my car to the dealer, if unexpected things were happening from mode selections.
Its just your mind playing tricks on you. It may feel different but its really the same.
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