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I have not been on this board for a while , but I feel that every one should at least know the nightmare I went through dealing with this shop and should at least be warned.

Shutoko Engineering - Tomei Powered, SARD RACING, Apexi, GReddy, Megan Racing, HKS, OS GIKEN, Racing Clutch Series Cross Gear Kit. Close Gear Kit. Super Lock LSD, Performance engine, suspension, or drivetrain components. Air filters, exhaust, turb
18305 Bedford Circle La Puente, CA 91744
(626) 965-6386
Owner: Johnson

My experience has been a long and painful ordeal covering almost 5 years from start to finish. I went in for a list of jobs quoted to take 3 months and ended up taking just shy of a year. I thought my troubles were done then, but I was dead wrong, they were just beginning. Later I find the parts I paid for on the invoice was not present, the jobs that were suppose to be done, were not. Made an arrangement with them to pay back or compensate some of the cost because it was the fair thing to do. We agreed on a more than fair amount with a payment plan for Shutoko to follow but never followed through. 3 years since the agreement and I'm still fighting to get back what is more than fair. I should have taken them to small claims court from the start. I have detailed documentation of events as proof but be warned to STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!

Yes, I am posting the same review on as many sites as possible because I am trying to get the word out and hopefully put them out of business.

I left out a lot of details because I do not know how much the forum rules will allow me to post on here so didn't want to risk getting this deleted. If the mods are willing to allow me to post detail personal information and accounts of events I'd be glad to do so.
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