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Shoutout to Clayton & Team @ Ramsey Subaru in NJ

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I buy a car every year and a half. This is now my 4th Subaru. Clayton and the team at Ramsey will get you in and out with a new car faster than you can take your family out to dinner! Pricing and service is exceptional. In the market for a Subaru check them out! I live on Long Island, NY and it was well worth the trip.

Thanks again Clayton!


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I agree - Clayton is solid. But a new car every 1.5 years? Damn.

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Yeah, really...... I typically go an order of magnitude beyond that 1.5 years!
zax said:
I agree - Clayton is solid. But a new car every 1.5 years? Damn.
I went ten years between signing purchase paperwork at a dealer, and I still own the last one I bought you buy the new iPhone every September, too?

That said, Clayton is solid person to deal with. The only reason I didn't pull the trigger on the deal him and I worked out was because I couldn't justify having two STIs in the fleet, knowing that I'd want to modify the second one as well; the whole purpose of the second vehicle was to keep reliability to the max on the new DD.
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