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Ok so im searching for a impreza wrx sedan 2011-2014 and i decided to do a quick search on craigslist. I found this 2012 white wrx sedan going for $14,750, with 53,821 on the ODO. The only reason im hesitant on it is that it has a rebuilt title, what the ad says that it was in a minor accident and has been completely repaired. From the pictures it looks like it is in really good condition, So what im asking is the intial prices it put it for fair for what it is or should i try to negotiate for a lower price and approximately how low.

I havent checked out the car in person yet as its about an 1.5-2 hr drive so i want to check it out with a game plan of what i should negotiate and what i should look for. If it had a clean title i would have bought almost immediately but since it doesnt i want to make sure im not overpaying for it or if i should not buy it at all.

here are some of the pictures of the car, any opinions or ideas, etc. will be appreciated thanks.


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