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Shots of my 2007 WRX UGM

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Hey guys i recently purchased a 2007 WRX and its urban gray metallic! I am so in love with the car, Got some crazy weather over the weekend had 0 problem going 75 heading up to Michigan. Roads were snow covered. Came back down pouring problems. Fooled around in some parking lots...amazing car anyways! pictures!

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nice, start modding!
I want to so badly mwahahaha, I think im going to start with interior mods before anything performance wise. Exterior i can only think of Mud flaps, front lip, Halo HID lights, and rims. Interior- LED lights, stereo, seats, maybe a new steering wheel... maybe. I want a new exhaust... damn so much so little money.
edit: also new flood lights, the previous owner never turned them on and now they dont work...Thinking the normal 4k or like 10,000k

second edit: new speakers.... oh and a new grill.
on second thought...

LMFAO. Yeah kind of **** mods to be honest :D. The LED would be to replace the normal dome lights to make it brighter inside.

I really like this grill, only the top I would put the subaru emblem back on, Although i really am debating that, it might just plain look stupid.
Thank you ^_^, Im absolutely in love with the car, its an amazing machine. She runs great with 120k miles on her.
Well i replaced the interior dome and map lights with some LEDs to brighten the interior. Its much brighter, thats what i mean by LED's by the way.
Looks great - congrats - nice and clean :)
Can't keep mine clean for more than five minutes in the winter

Enjoy your ride

Hey thanks! Yeah I have a the same problem. Almost every week or two im going to the do it yourself car wash to get the salt off
Do it and save us your opinions

Hey guys recent update! well, I've gotten over the "OOOHHHHH new car" syndrome and got my mind straight on what I want to do with the car. The plasti dip is gone, I like the stock rims a lot actually. If anything I will paint them black. Replaced the map and dome lights for the extra light. I've installed the following
Cobb Access port V2
Cobb short shifter
Cobb rear shifter bushings
Cobb Front shifter bushings
M2 performance Turboback exhaust.

Tomorrow I will be installing a Cobb SF intake.

Here are some sound clips of my new exhaust system!

sorry for the poor quality i'll try to use someones video camera at some point and get some high quality up for your enjoyment!
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