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Shooting Flames ok?....

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Hi, I'm a brand new WRX owner, both me and the car... I did some bolt-ons and the car is shooting flames. Mainly blue flames, but I have had some natural ones too ( meaning orange/yellow). I'm running only 93 pump from shell, I have a cobb shelf tune for 93, but still shooting flames... Is this bad?
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Oh, the flames r mainly only like a foot for blue, but the orange/yellow r like 3 feet....
What bolt ons do you have installed? What year is your car? Did the shelf map you got from Cobb only list the parts you have installed?
Naw.. s'all good... you only got 2 worry when the orange/yeller flamez r like 4 feet....
:rotfl: yeah, 4 ft is the limit for the first 1000 mile break-in.
If you are not trolling, you are getting fuel into the exhaust so you are likely running rich, a non recirculating blow off valve can cause this. You could also have a burnt up exhaust valve letting air fuel mixture into the exhaust as well.

If you are trolling bravo. You didn't use backfire.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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