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Shifting the M6, mostly the 1-->2 shift. Advice for a new-to-turbo ex-V8 head.

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I'm wondering if anyone has advice on how to stick a good 1-2 shift under hard acceleration.

I can of course do it gently, but sometimes I like to get up to something past 20mph rapidly, and I feel that shift is killing my acceleration.

I've tried what I'm used to, just let off gas a tiny bit as I fast shift and drop the clutch, get all kinds of lurching sounds like I'm killing the car. Turbo 4 is a totally different beast than a V8 sports car (all I've driven for 28 years!)

The best I've found to do is let off gas and soft-shift, mid throttle and burn a little clutch as I re-engage, but that feels crappy and slow also, and slowly letting out clutch=burning clutch.

And, I don't go racing around all that often, mostly outgrew that, so rather than practicing til I find a way, racing around, figured I'd ask to get a starter point.

Thanks for any input,

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You just gotta be a little slower with the clutch on the 1>2 shift. Could also be a bit of rev-hang, in which case you can either wait, or slip. I've read here that the access-port and OTS tune (or better yet, a pro tune) will help get rid of the annoying revhang, but I have zero personal experience with this.
Yes exactly, that rev-hang is certainly confusing my shifting brain.

OK, yah, letting out the clutch a little slower is the best I've found so far, seems to waste some major time in acceleration though :(

If only it weren't at such a low speed it wouldn't matter, but it's right in the middle of cornering under speed, irritating. Not to mention with our roads shifting then often involves bouncing at the same time, which messes up the shift lol.

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