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Hardly any at all. While in gear I can only move it over a few centimeters.

I learned today that if I push and hold the shifter to the side of the gear, it’ll stay quiet. So it must be coming from something loose in the shaft’s design. Any ideas?
A few centimeters? shouldn't be that much play while in gear, not in my experience at least.

I've found that in 4th gear, whenever I'm accelerating or just giving it gas, the shifter will vibrate/rattle fairly loud, but goes away if I pull it down harder or let off the gas...not sure the cause but i've heard of others having the same issue. To my understanding you can take apart the shifter and slip a shim in there to fill the gap and inhibit said vibration, but i haven't done it personally

i think this vid goes over it, assuming that's the rattle you're talking about
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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