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Shifter Boot rubbing on Perrin Shifter Stop?

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In my new 2017 WRX (6k miles) whenever I shift into 2nd whether it is from 1st or 3rd, I have been hearing a winding/rattling sound and it has been driving me insane for months. It sounded like a bottle in the cup holder vibrating or something, I thought something was messed up from when I started in 2nd in the cold all paranoid. Turns out whenever I took the boot off it wouldn't make the noise anymore. I have a Shift Stop and I don't know if the boot is catching or what but I realized if I "puff up" the boot around the shift stop it does NOT make the noise, then I move the boot around to recreate it and when I shift I realize it is the sound of the boot rubbing/pulling. I'm not sure if the boot is being caught between the shifter itself and the shift stop as I can not physically see what is happening because it happens when the boot is on. Finally I figured out it is the boot making the noise when shifting from rubbing or whatever, but I can not figure out for the life of me what is exactly causing the rubbing. I would like to find a more permanent fix rather than messing around with the boot every time the rubbing starts again. Let me know if anyone has experienced this issue with the shift stop or have any suggestions. I like to hear the engine but my god that rubbing of the boot makes me cringe and curse every time. My fiancé gets stressed out just from me bitching about it. For now, though, I have it so I can fluff the boot and get rid of it until it moves around a bit and does it again time to time. Thank you.

update: It is worth mentioning that I have the factory installed Sti STS, perhaps the boot is too long, saggy in general? should you usually get a shorter boot along with a short throw? I can't recall if the noise was made before the shift stop because the shifting is loud to begin with and it took a lot getting used to from my old car so I figured a lot of it was me not shifting correctly. Definitely different than my 05' wrx with STS. I have the shift stop perfect and I honestly don't want to remove it and try to get it perfect again. I'm about to rig it and pick up a little slack under the boot and pinch it together with a small binder clip or something.
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