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Separating Engine and Transmission

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Hey guys, so i'm having major troubles separating the engine and transmission on my 2007 wrx with the 5 speed manual in it. I'm pulling the motor out to replace the clutch, head gaskets, etc.

So I know there are plenty of other forums on here about this, and I've read them. I still can't get the job done. The reason why I came here is because there is one thing that other forum posts haven't included because they didn't have this problem.

When I was taking transmission bolts out one of the bolt heads did snap off, it was the lowest bolt on the passenger side (just above the nut on the stud). Every bolt is out for sure, even the stud on the drivers side came out as a whole instead of the nut just coming out, so the only thing really still there is the broken bolt and stud (the nut is removed from the stud). I was able to get a gap in between the transmission and the engine about 2 inches at the top drivers side of the transmission, but at the bottom on the passenger side where the stud and broken bolt are I only got maybe half a cm of clearance and it will not budge any further. I though for sure that the broken bolt would slide out like the studs are supposed to.

I have yanked and pried as hard as I possibly can on this and it will not come any further, I've sprayed it constantly with PB Blaster to try and help but still nothing. it's just the one corner that will not separate and I don't know what else I can do.

Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Has there been anyone else that has had this same problem?
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Use an Ez out on the stuck bolt and drill it out
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