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In December, I will be selling my 2016 Pearl White Subaru WRX.

I am selling for $1500 under the KBB value of $25,500. The car is just now getting "broken in" if you know anything about Subaru's. At the time of sale, in December, the car will have approximately 15k miles. Base model, Subaru WRX, 6-speed manual. Factory warranty would transfer to you 36k bumper to bumper/ 60k powertrain.

I put Continental Extreme Contact all-season tires on it that only have 8 months of wear, still look brand new, and are awesome in the snow, wet or dry - - so that saves you $600 right there because you can't drive the stock tires in the winter. I also put a white Cobb shift knob to match the car color that has a really nice feel.

This car peaks at 22.2 Psi stock!

If you have good credit I would consider contacting Diamond Credit Union as they gave me a great interest rate and are great to deal with!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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