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No, I'm not selling mine.. yet. :D
Let's say you have a modified WRX. And you're thinking about selling it. How would you go by it? I'm thinking about having mine with those mods before the end of the year:

Godspeed uppipe and downpipe
Blitz Dual TT

I would think all the mods would be ok but for the Godspeed stuff, I'm worried the new owner would get in trouble for running catless and then go after me because I would be the one installing it. Then again, I could argue i installed it just before selling it, make the new owner sign a piece of paper saying I'm not responsible for what he does with his catless WRX, etc... since catless is not illegal for off road use right? I could also argue I used it for few hundred miles off road just before selling it.

Anyways, anybody in that situation or/and if anybody has some ideas on the topic, please let me know. I guess it would be a good idea to sell the car after the warranty is expired too to avoid more problems arguing with the new owner... I would see him going and taking his case to Subaru, them telling him the first owner is responsible for voiding the warranty and wearing out the car, bla bla bla...

(hey, you never know... I may want to sell my Rex if the STI comes out soon... :rolleyes: )
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