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Hey guys,

First off, I'm new to the forum and while I appreciate everything Subie, I'm personally a nissan/VQ enthusiast. A friend likes what I've done to my car, and he's not quite as used to doing performance mods. He's recently jumped on the bandwagon and asked me to help figure out what to do to his 2019 WRX to make it more exciting.

As I said, I'm a Nissan guy and drive a 2012 G, and I know there are certain etiquettes associated with posting on forums like this, and apologize if I've overlooked something in my short time here or am beating a dead horse with this post, but also hope this may help out some guys in the future!

Anyways, he's looking at spending about $3-5k and that's plenty to hit stage 2 with some extras. I personally am really big on having a unique G, but he's not quite as concerned with that and is prioritizing convenience and power until he can get more involved in the community and move on to a bigger turbo and fueling upgrades.

I'm suggesting to him that he go all COBB right now and get their stage 2+ package with the resonated J pipe and titanium catback, SF intake, and accessport (ballpark $3k). I'm also pushing him to do a EBCS upgrade, get better brake pads, a master cylinder brace and a short throw shifter. As I said, I love standing out, but we live in the panhandle of Florida and to my knowledge, we don't have access to many tuning shops, let alone any that are worth a d***. While I would rather mix and match with my car and get the best parts for my long term goals, the convenience of ordering everything from COBB (who I've gathered has a pretty solid reputation for a good reason) and having a map sent over from them seems to be a really solid starting point for him.

Is this a good assessment? Is this a good option for someone who wants to maximize power gains across the enitre range of engine speeds? Are their OTS tunes for their own parts better than their tunes for "aftermarket intake/exhaust/etc"? Would you guys recommend anything else to someone who's not ridiculously concerned about standing out and is prioritizing convenient gains now over a one-of-a-kind build later? Are there any issues like cracking in the J pipe or titanium we should be aware of? I've combed over a lot of options already, and as we all know it can be overwhelming in general -- joining the hunt for quality parts for a 2015+ WRX feels like I'm getting into this for the first time again! Thanks in advance!
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