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first off always wear your seatbelt...

This should worth with all Subarus....

There are two ways to turn off the Alarm Chime;

First is a temporary turn off (if you have your dog in the passenger seat or bag of heavy goods that is setting off the alarm)

- Turn your ignition to the on position but do not start the motor. While the car is on and the motor not running, take the drivers seatbelt and click it in and out 3 times with in 6 seconds. Turn the key back to off and start your car. This will turn the alarm off untill the next time the car is turned off.

The second will permanently disable the alarm. You can reset to normal by unplugging your negative battery cable and using the breaks to drain the rest of the power. This causes a slight reset in the ECU.

- To do this you turn the car to the on position once again without turning the motor on. Take the drivers belt and click it in and out 20 times with in 30 seconds. Turn the car off and all should be good. In some of the Subarus you will still receive an initial alarm but not a continuing alarm.

I know there has to be a write up on this somewhere but I didnt see anyone mentioning the temporary disable. I hope this helps some folks to get annoyed by this function from time to time.
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