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This car had 110k miles, 4EAT, WINGLESS. It is super clean with the exception of the smashed front end. My zip is 57701 so you can get an idea of shipping.

If you want a part please do the following:
1) Check the pictures below to make sure it isn't clearly damaged.
2) Check sold list to see if it is available
3) PM or post your offer, what part it is, and your zip code.

If you don't feel like doing all that just do step three.

Some notes:
*Please say if you offer includes shipping or plus shipping.
*If you are unsure if part is damaged or for sale just make an offer like I have it, I will let you know if it is damaged
*I can't sell you something shipped for less than shipping
*I'll only ship to your paypal confirmed address
*If you want pics of something include your email or cell in the pm
*The radiator hit the exhaust cam gear on the driver's side and broke it. Damage to engine is unknown. I plan to pull at one point.
*Before you ask shipping alone on trunk will be $125-$175 via UPS. Greyhound will be $50-$75.

After accident:

Car currently:

detailed pics of damage and car are here:

The only thing I have a price set on is things listed in my ebay auction. At the time of listing mine was the cheapest. If it isn't use best offer feature.

View my eBay Auctions

Sold list:

all keyless entry remotes
mirror button
ash tray
carpet and floor mats
rear view mirror
Fuel Pump controller
Third Brake Light
Steering wheel

**Engine bay:
BCS and bracket
Intake manifold
washer fluid res with pump
down pipe
upper turbo heat shield
BPV recirc hose
brake booster vacuum line
power steering lines (from rack to res and rack to pump)
Bracket that holds the heat shield to turbo
Screws that hold hood splitter to hood (sheet metal looking screws)
all cam gears (still got bolts)
BPV with elbow
high pressure a/c line (line from compressor to condenser)
vacuum purge valve (little disk thing w/ three hoses connected)
Oil pan
upstream 02

**Exterior and body
plates that go behind fog light
Driver's side side marker
Fog lights
Fender liners
Front bumper tow hook cover
hood latch (hook on hood sold)

RR lateral link (toe adjustment one)
all wheels and tires

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yes oem wingless make an offer if interested. shipping will likely be grayhound to keep cost down.

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How much for the trunk, the boost solonoid, and longblock... PM please, I'm haggler that's why I don't want to name my price lol so if you shoot me a price then we can work from there :) thanks


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I'm looking for a steering wheel.... mine is all torn up. I don't need the airbag either if it has deployed in your wife's wreck. Hope she is okay :)'

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yesterday I slipped and feel on some ice so if you want to buy a part that isn't already off the car there will be a small delay. contact me with what you are interested in and i'll estimate the delay

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Sorry about your spill Ben. I got the wheel this morning... looks great! Thanks for the great deal.

This is a great guy to deal with folks. Do so with confidence.

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