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Hey there everyone! I just acquired a Silver 2002 WRX. It will be my daily driver and winter vehicle while I keep my S2000 in the garage.

Things I Like the car came with:
It has 150k on the clock with a recent engine rebuild at 130k
Has STI wing+ badges
Perrin Up pipe
Cobb Access port with stage 2 tune installed
Turbo back exhaust (not sure the manufacturer yet)

Things I don't like the car came with:
Plasti dipped red mirrors
Plasti dipped inserts of headlights
Black powder coated factory 16's with cords showing
Needed brakes bad
Battery was 7 years old

Stage 1 plans (Get back to running shape)
Replace calipers, pads and rotors front and rear due to pitting, warpage, etc
Replace battery
Oil Change
Rear Diff Fluid Change
Trans Fluid Change

Stage 2: (Minor upgrades)
Sti BBS Gold rims
Short shifter
Sti Intercooler
Sti hood scoop

Stage 3: TBD

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Here is my first update:

Threw a new battery in today along with replacing all 4 calipers, pads and rotors and installing 04 BBS Gold Sti rims.

Will finish changing the fluids this week and start cleaning her up and take pictures once she is on the road!

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Wow. The wheels and cleaning really make that thing look great. I have always been a fan on the 04-07 BBS's on the STi's. Looking great man. Also love the S2K. I hate Honda's, but there are two I would own. One being a S2K, and the other being the NSX. Looking great and keep the updates coming!
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