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Make | Subaru
Year | 2012
Model |WRX
Trim | Limited
Color | Obsidian Black Pearl (OBP)
Style | Sedan 4-Door
Options | SPT Performance Exhaust (Replaced 8/15/2012)
Purchase Date | 04/05/2012
Purchase Miles | 17

Current Miles
1,012 - 5/23/2012
1,276 - 6/12/2012
2,556 - 8/13/2012
3,462 - 9/4/2012
6,300 - 3/10/2013

Engine Bay
Stage II
Invidia Downpipe
SPT Exhaust (Replaced 8/15/2012)
MagnaFlow Catback Quad Tips
Perrin FMIC
Perrin CAI
Perrin Recirc Bypass Valve
Perrin Inlet Hose
Perrin Radiator Shroud
Perrin Strut Brace
Grimmspeed EBCS
Grimmspeed Pulley
Mishimoto Radiator Hose
DW 65C Fuel Pump (replaced 8/12/2012)
Walbro 255 LPH
NGK Iridium One Step Colder Spark Plugs
Torque Performance Stage 3 Map

Cobb Short Throw Shifter
Cobb 5-Speed Shifter Bushing
Perrin Rear Shifter Bushings

35% Tint
Rally Armor
Perrin Shorty Antenna
STI Trunk

Red Footwell Lighting
Kenwood DNX 619HD
American Bass Front Speakers
Kenwood Rear Speakers
Kenwood RVC
Kenwood 10" Stealth Box
iPhone Aux cable
Subaru Extended Arm Rest
Proto Tuning Accesport Holder
WC Lathe Werks Titanium WRX Sphere

Oil Change
3,462 miles
Motul 5W30 100% Synthetic 8100 X-Clean C3
Subaru OEM Oil Filter


Station: Sunoco
Miles Tank: 286.5
Miles Gallon: 22.5
Total Gas: 12.87
Price Per: $4.089
Total: $52.45

Station: Shell
Miles Tank: 155.9
Miles Gallon: 22.5
Total Gas: 7.002
Price Per: $4.099
Total: $28.78

Station: Sunoco
Miles Tank: 196.3
Miles Gallon: 22.2
Total Gas: 13.436
Price Per: $4.019
Total: $54.00

Station: Sheetz
Miles Tank: 257.3
Miles Gallon: 18.6
Total Gas: 11.506
Price Per: $3.899
Total: $44.86

Station: Sheetz
Miles Tank: 304.1
Miles Gallon: 21.3
Total Gas: 15.195
Price Per: $3.659
Total: $55.60

Sean Scarmack
[email protected]
Scarmack Photography

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4/6/2012 | Fresh off the lot posing for a shot

5/12/2012 | Debadge and Rally ArmoR

5/22/2012 | Time to rip

5/24/2012 | Changed out the Blue lighting to Red

5/25/2012 | Kenwood DNX619HD |Kenwood KFC-1694PS

KW Rear View Camera

5/31/2012 | Feels like Christmas

6/1/2012 | 35% Tint

6/2/2012 | Before - Engine Bay

Front Bumper Removal

6/5/2012 | Intake and Intercooler Removed and radiator hose installed

6/6/2012 | Support Beam Removed

6/7/2012 | FMIC Installed

6/10/2012 | Grimmspeed Electronic Boost Controller

6/11/2012 | Boost Tube Installing

Boost Tube Issues Fitting

Sexy Red Tubes




6/12/2012 | Accessport Torque Performance Stage 3

6/14/2012 | Extended Arm Rest


6/15/2012 Also picked up these
3 Ton

3 Ton

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6/15/2012 | More parts woo!

Perrin Radiator Shroud and Cobb Short Throw

Short throw install


Stock vs short



Everything bolted up and fitted

6/15/2012 | Decided to fill her up and finally test drive her. Just my luck. Fuel leak.

DeatschWerks 265 LPH

I did not install the fuel pump. I had a local shop do it.

I got done installing everything and getting everything to fit properly so I decided to take the girl out. It was Friday night So I filled the tank up, went to a movie and came out and the car was reaking of gas. I sent a text to the guy who worked on it and told him what happened and his response was "bring it in Monday and I'll take a look at it".....Idk about you, but its Friday night and was car is leaking gas here. And you just want me to wait until Monday morning? That doesn't seem right to me. But luckily the car stops leaking after about a half hour. So from Friday night till I dropped it off this morning I lost exactly half a tank and only drove 12 miles. I'm slightly pissed about the whole thing. I was going to put my car in the Fathers Day car show but really didn't want someone smoking around it and next thing I know my car is 15 feet in the air exploding haha.

So I guess we'll see what they have to say.

Real Finished Photo

6/19/2012| Perrin Strut Brace

6/25/2012 | Powder Coated Stock Wheels

WRX and Genesis Coupe

6/24/2012 | Plasti-Dipped all the Wheel Center Caps and Side Badge

Thinking of doing the WRX in red?

7/26/2012 | Installed iPhone Aux cable

8/9/2012 | Dreaded Fuel Pump nightmare

8/10/2012 | Airing out the car haha

8/12/2012 | Celebrating getting the car running

8/14/2012 | Proto Tuning Accesport Holder

MagnaFlow Catback Quad Tips

Every time I would get in my car my nav screen would go to a blank screen and would say "Call Interrupt"...This would be very frustrating getting in the car and my music not playing automatically. You would have to click Menu, and then HD Radio, or ipod etc. Doesn't seem like a pain, but it was. You don't realize how annoying it is. So I tore into the head unit to fix this issue.

Cut the mute wire. Ta Da. Now everything works how its suppose to.

8/22/2012 | Perrin Shorty Antenna

8/28/2012 | WC Lathe Werks Titanium WRX Sphere

8/31/2012 | Kenwood 10" Stealth Box


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:tongue: "Build to Destruction" at least you're honest about it!

20,564 Posts
Hahaha .. like when people ask me what I'm doing with my car, I've started just telling them I'm trying to kill it.
You should just start yelling at them for no reason

Pro Manscaper
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In for the nudez.

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I want a full review of that Kenwood!! lol

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That first picture looks like a video game, did you do that with a camera or is it actually a game?

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I want a full review of that Kenwood!! lol
Give me a few days to learn more about it and figure out all the features. And ib be glad too.

That first picture looks like a video game, did you do that with a camera or is it actually a game?
Haha. That's done with my camera. Thanks to photoshop.

How's that KW HU? And how do the new speaker's sound? WOuld you recommend this setup?

So far I'm really liking it. The touch is very light and it's pretty precise and accurate. The colors are very vivid and bright and extremely easy to read. The bluetooth works like a charm and I like how it downloads your contacts and phone history into it. I also have the rear view camera hooked up to it and looks awesome. I would reccomdend this HU to anyone. Oh. And the navigation rocks.

As far as the speakers go. I have a little more playing around to do to get it just right. I didn't put in a sub woofer bc I didn't really want my car thumping that loud. I was just looking for a solid sounding system that didn't sound like it was in a tin can. I think I may need to get a amp though to help out. But overall. I am very happy with my purchase and would do it again tomorrow.

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Stay tuned...A lot of installs have been going on in the past two days. Got the hardest part done last night. Its gonna get exciting.
Typical woman...Nothing but a ****tease!!! :p
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