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Saubaru STI 2009 Bar Map sensor

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Hello, I must change my Bar Map sensor on my Saubaru STI 2009! the original parts cost about $ 300 I have seen on EBAY less expensive! but I wonder about the brand? Perrin and Omni Power, is what you know about brands? quality or No? thank you
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Aftermarket MAP sensors will require recalibration of the ECU. If you're not comfortable / able to make said changes, you should replace it with an OE unit. Otherwise, you could run into serious issues with your vehicle.
ok thank for the advice ! and for brand perrin and Omni Power ?
Perrin makes decent stuff, however when it comes to sensors I've personally found myself as a denso guy. I've had the best overall luck and reliability with them. They likely make the Subaru oem unit

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tox23 said:
ok thank for the advice ! and for brand perrin and Omni Power ?
Are you able to calibrate the ECU to account for the aftermarket MAP sensor? My brand recommendation means nothing if you're not; you should be reaching out to the person tuning the vehicle and find out what they want you to install.

If it were me, I'd go AEM or Omni, but I DIY my ECU calibration.
ok I talk about it to my man
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