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Hey folks!

Sandblast Rally, hosted in Cheraw, SC is right around the corner on the 1st weekend of February. The competition is looking GREAT for this year with nearly 60 competitors! Sandblast has the highest average competitor count on the East coast so there will be some GREAT racing there.

But we need your help! We are really short of volunteers and we really need folks of all experience levels. Whether you've volunteered before or are just interested in learning more, you are welcome at the event.

We need you to come out and help out! Get an awesome seat right on stage, meet the drivers, codrivers, and riders. Hang out and have awesome parties with all of the rally folks. Take lots of great photos. Commit lots of great things to memory.

Oh, and there will be some memories. The after-after party alone is worth the trip

How can you help out? PLEASE register to volunteer at and yes, EVERY SINGLE VOLUNTEER IS CRITICAL! You DO make a difference!

All of the event information is on the main Sandblast site at SandBlast Rally - Cheraw, South Carolina but the meat and potatoes:

Rally: February 4th, 2012 (volunteer meeting evening of 2/3)
Where: Cheraw, SC (about 1.5 hours from Raleigh and Charlotte, NC)
Website: SandBlast Rally - Cheraw, South Carolina

So sign up, and come on out. We need you guys to volunteer or the race won't happen! We do it FOR the volunteers, but can't do it without them either!
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