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First, this kit replaces oe hoses mostly dealing w/ small coolant hoses and a few vaccum hoses, w/ Samco silicone hoses. A picture of the kit:

The math wiz's will see there is only eight hoses in the kit, they do actually come w/ 9. Ignore the arrows for now.

Now a picture of the set installed:

The first step is remove the air scoop, two bolts (10mm I think), this gives you room to swap out hoses marked 1 and 2. You will notice that most of the samco pieces are larger OD (same ID) than the oe pieces- this makes it very difficult to reuse any of the oe clamps. You may want to purchase hose clamps prior to the install. Also as most hoses deal w/ the coolant lines, there will be some coolant to deal w/. It wasn't too bad however- I never drained the coolant to install mine. The hose marked 3 (just to the right of the radiator cap) is a tricky one- it's the squiggly looking hose. I had to take off the air box to access the bottom of it. Air box removal- pop off top, remove filter, two bolts at the bottom holdding to the wheel well (12mm I think), set it aside. Now you can see where the bottom of hose 3 attaches, it still takes a little snaking to get the new piece on. 4,5 and 7 are very straight forward- remove oe pieces replace w/ samco. Pay attention on all the hoses when removing the oe piece how they are orientated. Hose 6 is the vacuum line off of the BOV, you'll probably have to remove the BOV to access the othe end of the line (two 12mm bolts). It is the long thin hose w/ a short 90 that one of the arrows in the first pic is pointing two. The other two hoses in the first pic w/ arrows, a short 90 and a longer piece I didn't install. The short 90 piece goes where it shows #9, right below the y in the intake manifold next to the radiator cap- I couldn't find an easy way to access this hose- not very visible either. The longer piece pointed at goes where the number 8 is, a top of the throttle body housing. I didn't replace this piece as the ID of the samco piece felt to large (sloppy), this one was also difficult as removing the lower portion of the hose a lot of coolant wanted to come out (had to cap it w/ my finger). I'm emailing Samco to see what the deal is on this piece. The other suprising thing was they ddidn't include the hose directly behind the radiator cap, this is a visble hose and very easy to get at- go figure- I'll also inquire about that.

I'm sure I've forgot something, but should help some.

Big Sky
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