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Saabaru...... Timing Belt Jumped??????

New member. Looking for some insight. I have a 2005 Saab 92x, the car is totaly stock, and I am the sole driver. The car has 122K on it now. I had the timing belt replaced by a garage in January 2012. This shop is a general garage, with no Subaru expertise. After getting the car back, and fixing the "o" ring on the Power Steering pump, to get it working again (sounds like a common coincidence with Timing Belt repairs!) and also a new Radiator because I broke a small fitting trying to clean the PS resivoir, I started to drive the car two weeks ago again.
The car just didnt seem "right" to me, but couldnt figure out quite why. The biggest symptom was it really "DOGGED" off the line...... you could hear the motor go "UUGHH" when I first hit the Throttle. The car eventually gains RPM and the boost comes in, and it accelerates decently.
I thought it may have been the trans that was giving me a lack of power, because I had to put on a Manual Trans Radiator (the only one that a local place had in stock) I also needed a trans cooler, and hadnt put trans fluid in to make up the difference. I topped the trans fluid off last night, and drove into work today. I have been taking it easy on the car, figuring that since it wasnt running right, I shouldnt push it. It seemed to shift better this morning on the way in, so I got on it a bit at a stop light. It still bogged on launch, but I stayed in it, and acceleration seemed pretty decent. I then heard "Something"... a noise (cant explain it ) but the car stumbled a little.... I eased off and drove a few more miles to work and then parked it.
I left for lunch (drove less than a mile to get there) and parked. Was inside for about an hour, and when I came out and started my car, the CEL was flashing and the car was rough.... no power. But no backfires, I limped back to work and started to look on these threads for answers.
My most obvious question is, Do you think the belt may have jumped and caused a timing issue? The garage that did the work was arrogant, and said it was not a big deal to change the Timing Belt, but I know from my research that if the slack isnt taken up from the passenger side, the hydraulic tensioner cant get all the slack out, and the belt can slip / jump.

Does this sound plausible? Or should I start looking at the normal answers to the posts about rough idle etc?

The CEL was flashing, and then went out if the RPM was above 2500 while sitting in park.
Again, I was suspect of the work in the first place, especially because of the "Dogging" off the line which was never there before the new belt. But through elimination, It isnt the trans which I thought.

Thanks to anyone that may have an idea, or to those that agree with my analysis. (or disagrees for that matter ) :)


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You can check timing by removing the cover and rolling over the motor to see if the cam pulley marks align. See if you can pull a code from the ECU since you got a CEL. If it's a cam or crank angle sensor code suspect a faulty connection I suppose.
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