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Rust - Fender Lip / Rock Chips

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Hi All,

2013 WRX, DGM Hatch here. I've got some rust on my rear fender lip that's about .25 x 1 inch, right on the crease behind the plastic chip guard. If I'd noticed it a few months ago I could have gone to Subaru and asked them to fix it.

I want to stop it (obviously) and cover it with touch up paint. The area is so small ... I've never messed with this kind of stuff, but I would like to try and take care of it myself. Does anyone have advice for such a small scale fix? I've read a lot about the chemical you can brush on rust that converts it to metal, but the area is super small. Not sure if it's a good idea to use that stuff on an otherwise perfect finish.

Also, I have a few chips (adding to the two dozen others that have been fixed) in my paint from the usual crap on the road, but this time the exposed primer appears slightly brownish. It doesn't look like the typical crusty rust, but I'm wondering if I am covering up a potential problem if I just hit it with touch up paint.

Thank you.
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Oh man ... I'm not there yet. But, as the car gets older there are some things that make me SMH, like the paint softness. I've done a lot of repairs with Dr. Colorchip, great stuff.

Hoping I can keep it semi-pristine a few more years.
Hi, on the primer surface if you see it brownish, it could be road dirts, grease. Test it by using a pencil eraser and see if you can remove the grimes. If you can remove it, then it is safe to apply touch up paint on top. Otherwise it could be oxidised underneath the primer which you need to sand it down and treat it before you apply touch up paint.
Hey, thank you. I did sand the spot down and hit it with touch up. It may have been dirt as you said ... I will keep an eye on it and go further if it comes back
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