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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone experienced something like this before and if anyone knows what the problem is.

My 05 STi has started to make this rumble/vibration sound and you can feel it too! This only happens at VERY LOW speed, maybe 1-4 mph in 1st, 2nd, or Neutral. It happens 75% of the time when I go from a dead stop and 50% of the time when I come to a stop. It feels like you are running over a rumble strip on a highway. It only happens while it is within that speed range and I know it is after the torque converter and has nothing to do with the engine. I thought it could be the transmission, or the rear diff, the drive shaft? Maybe one of the half shafts? I don't know! It feels like gear teeth are slipping...

I was only hard on the car when going up to 120 on interstates and when it snowed I did donuts for an hour. Even after all that, it didn't do this. This rumble just came out of nowhere.
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