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Rotella concern after formula change.

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Hi everybody! Ive got a newish 17 sti. I switched over to rotella at 11k miles, (it was burning up mobil1 5 30), after hearing all theese magical things about t6. Later i was enlightened to the fact that the rotella t6 formula has actually i changed. And i had used the "new" formula, that is no longer approved for gas engines. Has anybody done any uoas on the new formula for an ej257? Its quite intimidating to dump "diesel" oil into a new car. Is it safe to use? And will i actually clog my cat? I ordered a kit from blackstone today to get it checked out. Any input would be highly appreciated. I live in south florida and i drive my card considerably hard. Thank you guys in advance.
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Go off what your blackstone labs test says

I personally run 5w50 Redline in my track car / weekend car cause it gets driven hard. STi sports oil was a 5w40 motul fill on the S20X cars as well.
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