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Heya, I'm sorry I am new to the forums and I have glanced over some old threads but need some help specifically about Rota Grids R.

So I am in love with Rota Grid R or Drifts, I want a pair of 18 inch, which only comes in 18x9.5 e38, anyone here running my model of rex and size of rota grid R's?, Do the wheels sit flush with the fender? (legality issue within the country/state I live in, can't poke out), let me know what you had to do to make it work, show me some pics if you're willing.

I don't have any suspension work done, no fender rolls or guards, I have a MY03 WRX (blobeye) which is the 2004-2005 USDM

Thanks in advance.

My ride:

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