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Rod Knock!? Listen please

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Hello all, while driving on the highway i noticed my car start knocking only when letting off the gas. I was able to make it off the highway (i know should have pulled over) and on the side roads my car made a clunk and shut off. My AP was showing feedback knock and DAM was about .8 during the knocks on the highway. Towed to the house, attempted to start but all I heard was clicking. Plenty of oil, time for oil change but not overdue. Checked battery and it was shot so I purchased new one hoping this was somehow the problem. When i turned the car on it sounded like this:

Could you please give me some insight as to what this sounds like. I am planning on taking mods off and taking it to the dealership in an attempt to utilize warranty. If they do not cover it how much do you guys think it will cost to repair rod/bearing/further damage or new engine? Also, will they have to tear down the engine to get to the problem? At that point if i do not want to pay to re-build stock(assuming SOA denial) do you think they will charge for labor on tear down?

2013 WRX Hatch 40k miles with Cobb Stage 2 SF tune, Cobb catted downpipe, and cobb intake.

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Subaru will laugh at you if you return it to stock and claim warranty. They will plug in the scan tool, it they will know it's been flashed instantly, look at the engine bay and see obvious signs of previous modifications then hand you a bill in the tune of 5k.

It sounds like you have a rod knock wicked bad or a valve stuck and hitting a piston to me.

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That sounds like more of a clicking noise to me than what rod knock typically sounds like.. I would go ahead and drain the oil, look for any signs of metal. If the oil looks all clean, put new oil in it and try to figure out were the sound is coming from.
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