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Replacement Low Beams 2013 Sti

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So my one headlight turned pink last night which means its gonna die soon so I figured I would just buy the same stock bulb. I called our local Subaru dealer and the guy told me it was 194$ per bulb. I mean I've heard of some crazy numbers but 194$ per bulb about takes the cake. So I wanna get some aftermarket ones instead for cheaper and was curious if anyone had any good sites or reviews. Much appreciated.
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I assume they are hid? If so you'll likely have to buy aftermarket ones in pairs so you don't have two colored bulbs

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Yes they are HID and yeah gonna have to be a pair. I'd rather not pay 400$ for just headlights.
Found some Kensun 8000k D2S bulbs for about 50$ gonna try them out as direct replacement. I've heard nothing but good things from them.
Might I suggest the Osram Xenarc 66240 CBI. They are a 5500k bulb with the lumen/brightness of a 4300k bulb. They look amazing at night and also match the look of LED very well. They are a bit pricy ($150/pair) but they are well worth it. Many OEMs use the non-CBI version as stock HID bulbs, including Subaru. The quality is among the best out there.
Replacement OEM HID Bulbs for 2006-2014 Subaru WRX STi (pair) - STi - Subaru - Products By Vehicle

They may not last terribly long, but they are only $40 for the pair.
Yeah I went with one similar to this but kensung. Too bad on the Phillips it doesn't tell you kelvin but im guessing its 5k-6k. somewhere near white. we will see how long these kensung ones last. I put in a Sylvania until the other ones come in and the color is of course different from the stock one but not by much.
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