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Alright folks, it's been a while but i want to put this down here so some of you hopefully read this, listen, and save yourself a headache. Winter is well upon us and snow and ice is the way of life. Snow tires are important but so is having the equipment in your vehicle to get you out. Getting a tow isn't always a cheap or quick option. Everyone should be equipped but they are not. So be the one that is.

There are simple things to keep with you. Kitty litter/sand, a small shovel, blanket, and a few small rugs.

These make the difference the rugs and kitty litter can help you get traction on ice and may be just what you need if you are stuck on a small hill. They can also help in deep snow, but only until you are back in it. They have their place. Kitty litter helps getting traction on ice, bonus is you don't have to worry about leaving it behind. You can even dump it around your vehicle when you park so you don't break your neck when loading whatever it is you've purchased, or people. Shovels are good to have to dig out around the wheels, tow point, or axles if you are stuck really good, just get a small one.

You need to familiarize yourself with the tow points on your vehicle. Most vehicles have some sort of recovery point in the front. Some are under the bumper and require a tool that screws in and acts as a hook, others have loops on the frame under the vehicle. Just look at what you have. If you have the removable type make sure you have the factory one at minimum. There are stronger aftermarket ones but I'm suspect of that claim. These are typically for straight flat pulls, however if you need to yank to the side in an emergency you can. Just know the risk and if you break it you are done.

You'll also want something to attach you to a recovery vehicle. I prefer yankem style ropes as they have crazy stretch and are a little easier on the vehicles and won't break your neck when the tow vehicle pulls. They are expensive and not necessarily needed. Just a good solid tow strap. Get one that's well above your vehicles weight. 20k lbs may be Overkill for a compact car, but don't under buy.

Lastly you'll need something to hook said straps or ropes to the vehicles. They are dirt cheap and have massive strength. Just look at what fits your tow point and run with it. A 5/8" shackle is usually good for more than 4 tons.

You can easily fit all of this in the trunk leaving plenty of room for your supplemental vape juice reservoir. You can fit them in a small tool bag, and in with the spare.

You don't need a heavy duty truck to help someone. If a 3500 Chevy is buried to the frame in mud, you are probably not going to do anything with your compact car, but if a Rav 4 slid into the ditch your little effort can get it free.

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