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Recommend installing Ceramic coatings or tints in the DMV?

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Are there any tint installers or detailers that specialize in installing opticoat, cquartz, modesta, etc. that you guys recommend in the DC, MD, VA area?

I found some here:

Coating installers:
TLC Auto Detailing
Speedfreak Detailing
Capitol Shine
D&D Auto Detailing
Automotive Quality Solutions

Tint installers:
LA Tint
Cutting Edge Tint
Tint Galaxy
Driven Dynamics
Winners Tint

Can anyone recommend any of these or any others?
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Reflected Images in Forest Hill MD did Cquartz on my Hellcat and Opticoat on my WRX. He also works with a decal/XPEL/3m clear bra guy in the complex if you want to do both. Brian Daily owns it and does all the work. Great guy, fair prices. For some reason his new website isnt working on all links but here is his contact info
Its much easier to get him by Email the first time as he doesnt always answer the phone while he is working but he will get back to you. Dont know if he does window tint

Brian Daily
Refelected Images
128 Industry Lane . Unit B . Forest Hill, MD 21050
443 740 5846
[email protected]
Thanks I'll try to get in touch with him.
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