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Rear diff swap

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Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the right place to post it, so I thought I'd post this here (rather than the transmission sub-forum, cause it seems so clean).

My question is - how doable is a rear diff swap on a GC generation STI (as in is it possible to change it in a driveway without a lift and without me being a pro)? And one more question - is it possible to use a rear diff, from a GC8 wrx (possibly other gens as well)?

There's this STI I'm quite interested in buying, that has a rear diff problem and I'm wondering if this issue will be a wormhole for money or not.

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You will want to use the rear diff with proper drive modifier. This means using a rear diff out of the same body style.

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From what I remember it isn't too difficult.

As far as swapping from a different model, they will need to be cars with the same final drive and axle style. This document may prove helpful..
Are you pulling the entire pumpkin and putting a new one in or are you talking about pulling the carrier and replacing it? If you are getting your current one I would take it to someone. There is a fair amount of know-how to setting backlash and gear mesh.

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Thanks for your answers! I'll have to look into this option of swapping it. And one more:

What would be a reasonable explanation for the rear diff going off?
Usually lack of maintenance and beating the piss out of it with donuts

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Hard launches can damage the teeth on the gears as well, or just break them right off.
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