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i'm looking at a 2002 wrx for sale and when i saw it, there was a small oil drip from the rear diff, about two inches in diameter, on the pavement when it was parked. the car has 62k miles(which seems pretty high to me but i'll be getting a killer deal on it, about 3k below value). is this a sign to stay away?
also, he says the the right rear axel was replaced under warranty, is that a problem that occurs a lot with wrx's?
the car also has full sti suspension, dba x-drilled rotors up front, projector headlights, turbo xs bov, turbo timer, and other little stuff. the keeps pretty meticulous records for it, just like i do with my z, so that's a good sign.

i like the car and i've wanted a wrx for as long as i've been following the WRC (quite a while), but i'm a total newbie as for specifics for these cars. any info will be appreciated. thanks
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